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As the crop protection sector, we are strongly involved
in stopping these illicit products from entering Europe
and being applied to crops.

Our network consists of member companies and country associations which work closely with our regional and global organisations. 

Our Network

One of our most important goals is to help protect
farmers from buying counterfeit or illegal pesticides.

Farmers can be defrauded by criminals offering counterfeit/illegal products through a variety of different channels. We run a number of campaigns dedicated to farming communities to warn them about risks associated with buying counterfeit or illegal pesticides and biopesticides and show them how to purchase authentic, registered pesticides.

The fight against counterfeit/illegal pesticides and biopesticides is a fully collaborative effort with all legitimate stakeholders involved.

Each stakeholder brings resources, expertise and contributions where it is needed, making the whole process as effective as possible. We organize seminars for police, customs, and food safety authorities to help them to identify counterfeit products and exchange best practices. The results of cooperation on the EU level can bring results such as those produced in operation Silver Axe. 

Silver Axe is a Europol coordinated action targeting counterfeit and illegal pesticides. The joint effort involves authorities from 35 countries, European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) and European Commission`s DG Sante as well as Crop Life Europe. Our network provides technical knowledge as well as sharing intelligence. 

CropLife Europe welcomes and applauds the effort which resulted in over 3,700 tons of illegal and counterfeit products seized by the Silver Axe Operation over the last years.

In addition to our collaboration on Silver Axe, we aim to improve legislation at EU and national levels to make work of responsible law enforcement authorities easier. To achieve this aim, our national associations alongside the CropLife Europe team,  are working with local authorities and policy makers as well as members of the European Parliament, Council and European Commission.

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