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CropLife Europe members are committed to accelerating the development of new, innovative and sustainable solutions for farmers.

Innovative farming tools, combined with good agronomic practices, are vital to meet consumer demands for food that is safe, tasty, varied and affordable.

Successful farming is contingent upon a healthy natural environment with thriving biodiversity. Protecting the environment, safeguarding human health, and combatting the use of counterfeit products are high-priority objectives for CropLife Europe and its members.


CropLife Europe is committed to environmental safety. We conduct scientific projects designed to provide high quality data that inform EU risk assessments. We believe that sharing our data helps show civil society and consumers how Europe’s risk assessment procedures evaluate any potential impacts of crop protection tools on the natural environment.

Human Health

Our sector is one of the most heavily regulated in the world. Many of our member companies’ scientists are carrying out exciting research, working with academia, NGOs and other stakeholders, to advance scientific understanding of both the safety of our innovations as well as the risk assessment frameworks that govern their approval. We believe that sharing our data helps show civil society and consumers how rigorous the EU’s standards are in ensuring safe and healthy food.


Pesticides and biopesticides, like all high-value products, are targeted by criminals producing counterfeits. Counterfeit and illegal crop protection products damage the natural environment, they endanger the farmers using them, they threaten consumer safety, and they harm the reputation of our industry.