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CropLife Europe represents sustainable crop protection solutions: innovative and science-based, our solutions keep crops healthy and contribute to providing Europeans with a safe, affordable, healthy, and sustainable food supply.

We promote modern farming practices and champion the use of innovation and technology for a more sustainable model of agriculture.

Our members provide a wide variety of innovative farm solutions:

Our members are market leading companies that develop and supply pesticides and biopesticides to organic, conservation (low till, no till), agroforestry and conventional agriculture models.

Our members invest in precision applications, which enable delivery of the minimum amount of product, at the right place, at the right time.

Our members look for future plant biotech traits that will enable crops to thrive in difficult conditions or provide greater benefit in people’s diets.

CropLife Europe formerly known as European Crop Protection Association has expanded its scope of mandate as of 1st of January 2021. Alongside pesticides, CropLife Europe will represent 23 company members and 32 national associations in the area of digital and precision farming, plant biotech innovation and biopesticides. Click here to learn more.