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Our Projects

Plant protection products (PPP) are essential for food production and some of the most heavily regulated chemicals in the world. A substantial set of safety studies are required and evaluated by authorities applying a rigorous system of independent scrutiny before any product can enter the European market.

It’s because a fundamental principle lies behind the EU chemical legislation: protection of human and animal health, wildlife and the environment. Our industry is committed to continue creating innovation that upholds the highest safety standards in Europe.

To reach that goal, member companies work together to invest in systematic research to improve risk assessments. The scientists within our membership are engaged in exciting research with academia, NGOs and other stakeholders to further advance the scientific understanding of both the safety of our innovations as well as risk assessment frameworks that govern their approval.

Evolving requirements, new guidance documents, or extra questions asked by regulators can certainly identify new data needs – and we remain committed to supplying them to the best of our ability.

Developmental Neurotoxicity (DNT)
Endocrine Disruption (ED)
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New Approach Methodology (NAM)
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Human Relevance
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