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CropLife Europe champions and advocates for sustainable, innovative and science-based crop protection solutions



We are the European organisation that represents the crop protection sector. Our members are global companies, small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) and national associations operating in conventional pesticides, biopesticides, plant biotechnology, and digital and precision agriculture.

We embrace the ambitions of the EU Green Deal and Farm to Fork strategy and believe Europe’s farmers must have access to a full toolbox of innovative crop protection solutions to maintain their production as they transition to a more resilient and sustainable farming system.

Farmers’ Toolbox

EU farmers must have access to a full toolbox of crop protection solutions to maintain their production while transitioning to more resilient and sustainable farming. CropLife Europe wants to provide the most extensive toolbox possible.

To achieve this, farmers need access to all available tools to choose their preferred production model. These include conventional pesticides, biopesticides, plant biotechnology solutions and digital and precision technologies.

Our 2030 commitments for sustainable agriculture

We’ve made six ambitious commitments, clustered into three focus areas, all contributing to and aligning with the ambitions of the EU Green Deal.

Innovation & Investment

We’re investing €10 billion into innovation in precision and digital technologies by 2030, as well as €4 billion into innovation in biopesticides by 2030.

Circular Economy

We will establish an average 75% collection rate of plastic pesticide and biopesticide containers across EU Member States by 2025.

We will ensure container schemes are available in every EU Member State by 2025.

Protecting People

By 2030, we will train 1 million advisors and farmers on best management practices for farmer health protection – as well as for water and the environment.

To further reduce operator exposure, we will make Closed Transfer Systems (CTS) technologies available to 100% of European farmers and operators by 2030.

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