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July 15, 2024

Business Coalition Urges Ambitious, Open Trade Policy to Boost EU Competitiveness and Prosperity

Brussels, 15 July 2024 – Today, a coalition of 31 leading European business associations has…
July 10, 2024

CropLife Europe’s statement on Farm to Fork targets trends for 2022

The publication by the Commission of this year’s Farm to fork trends on 8 July…
July 9, 2024

CropLife Europe’s Interpretation of the Recent ECJ Judgements 

On 25/04/2024, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) delivered two judgements in case C-308/22 and…
July 4, 2024

Joint Statement for an Ambitious FP10

Investing in Europe’s Future Competitiveness through Collaborative Research, Development, and Innovation In the shaping of…
May 2, 2024

CropLife Europe strengthens Regulatory Affairs team

CropLife Europe welcomes Corrado Finardi as its new Regulatory Affairs Director. Corrado brings a wealth…
April 25, 2024

Joint Statement on the EC Initiative: Boosting Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing in the EU

The European Commission Initiative Boosting Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing in the EU is welcomed by Industry…
April 23, 2024

Farming with AgriGuide

At CropLife Europe, we understand the challenges that farmers face on a daily basis. With…
April 19, 2024

Agriculture – Much more than just farming

Advancing Agriculture Through the 'Fifth Freedom' As an advocate for innovation in agriculture, CropLife Europe…
April 11, 2024

Introducing AgriGuide: A new era for sustainable agriculture in the EU

In the ever-changing landscape of agriculture, farmers often grapple with intricate regulations and the need…
April 11, 2024

CropLife Europe proudly becomes a signatory to the Antwerp declaration

CropLife Europe, the leading advocate for Europe's crop protection sector, announced today its official endorsement…
April 3, 2024

CropLife Europe’s submission to the Strategic Dialogue on the future of agriculture

As the next meeting of the Strategic Dialogue on the future of agriculture is a…
February 22, 2024

CropLife Europe signs Position Paper calling for five core principles to ensure impactful industrial growth

CropLife Europe is proud to co-sign, alongside 17 signatories from cross-sectoral industries, the position paper:…
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February 13, 2024

CropLife Europe Joins EU Pact for Skills  

CropLife Europe is proud to announce its membership in the Pact for Skills, an initiative…
January 16, 2024

CropLife Europe welcomes new Chair of the Board of Directors

As of January 2024 Jens Hartmann, Head of Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) from Bayer…
December 11, 2023

CropLife Europe took part in a CEPOL Workshop on Combating Illegal and Counterfeit Pesticide Trade

Pesticides play a vital role in agriculture, contributing to crop protection, pest and disease control,…
December 1, 2023

Trade in turbulent times

The European Commission set the strategic direction for the EU`s agri-food system in the Farm…
November 30, 2023

Agri-Food Chain Coalition launches EU Strategic Agenda 2024-2029

The Agri-Food Chain Coalition (AFCC) has published a recommendation for the EU Strategic Agenda 2024-2029 to include…
November 23, 2023

CropLife Europe comment on the result of the vote in European Parliament plenary on Sustainable Use Regulation

CropLife Europe fully supports the objectives of the Green Deal and is dedicated to continuing…
November 22, 2023

A toolbox of solutions for European farmers

The European agricultural sector is facing significant challenges that require immediate action. We need to…
November 20, 2023

The potential of New Genomic Techniques in agriculture

Latest breeding techniques have emerged as a game changer in agriculture and food production. These…
November 16, 2023

The key role of biopesticides in the agricultural transition

In a world facing unprecedented challenges, the need for sustainable and resilient agriculture has never…
October 24, 2023

CropLife Europe comments on the ENVI committee vote in the European Parliament on Sustainable Use Regulation

CropLife Europe remains committed to supporting the Green Deal. The SUR is an opportunity to…
October 12, 2023

2 040 tonnes of illegal pesticides seized and 21 suspects arrested in global operation

Eighth edition of annual joint effort between public and private sector marks the largest seizure…
October 6, 2023

CropLife Europe comments ahead of the vote by European Parliament’s Committee AGRI on SUR

CropLife Europe believes the revision of the Sustainable Use Regulation is an opportunity to embrace…
September 13, 2023

Netherlands becomes the 21st country joining the commitment on circular economy

Our member CropLife Netherlands, through the STORL Foundation and in joint partnership with 3 other…
August 30, 2023

CropLife Europe comment on latest EU Harmonised Risk Indicators for pesticides

On 30th of August European Commission released the updated data on the HRI for pesticides…
July 31, 2023

CropLife Europe comments on its submission to the public consultation on prohibiting production for export of chemicals banned in the EU

“CropLife Europe supports the ambitious commitment of the European Commission and its Chemicals Strategy for…
July 25, 2023

Let’s talk about food waste and food loss

If you're like most people, you probably consider yourself pretty conscious when it comes to…
July 18, 2023

CropLife Europe speech by Olivier de Matos at the European Parliamentary Public Hearing

On 18 July, the European Parliament hosted a public hearing on disclosures of results of toxicity studies.…
July 13, 2023

CropLife Europe statement on Nature Restoration Law

CropLife Europe remains committed to supporting the Green Deal objectives. Farmers are the backbone of…
July 5, 2023

CropLife Europe comment on New Genomic Techniques

On the 5th of July European Commission has released its’ proposal on plants obtained by…
July 5, 2023

CropLife Europe comment on the EU trends in the use and risk of chemical pesticides

On the 5th of July 2023 European Commission released the EU trends in the use and…
June 28, 2023

CropLife Europe response to SRF

Following questions received from SRF on commissioning a study to Wageningen University & Research, here…
May 23, 2023

Lithuanian farmers’ transition to circular economy

Establishing a container management system in Lithuania would save farmers up to 2 million Euro…
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May 12, 2023

CropLife Europe’s comment on the review of the Bee Guidance document

On the 12th of May European Food Safety Agency published its review of the guidance document on…
April 25, 2023

Looking back on a year (in Wordles)

By Emma BrownDirector Public Affairs, CropLife Europe This time last year I began a new…
March 30, 2023

Making tomorrow’s food system both resilient and sustainable

The global challenge of our age – in particular for the agrifood sector – is…
February 15, 2023

Let’s unlock the potential of biopesticides

The Farm to Fork Strategy aims to accelerate Europe’s shift to more sustainable food production…
January 1, 2023

Cultivating crops in a permacrisis: a love letter to the modern farmer

In the shadow of global conflict, post-pandemic shocks and a worsening climate crisis, how are…
December 15, 2022

Future farming: agriculture cannot simply sustain, it must regenerate

How innovative farming solutions and an overall mindset shift can support climate goals, sustainable development…
December 1, 2022

Investment in crop protection innovations is an opportunity for Europe

Novel and data-enabled approaches can help farmers address myriad challenges, but private and public sectors…
November 23, 2022

“Why should we?” Making the case for sustainable container management in Lithuania

Plastic containers help to ensure that plant protection products are delivered safely to the end…
November 11, 2022

Ireland becomes 20th EU Member State to benefit from a Container Management Scheme

Pesticide and biopesticide containers play an essential role in ensuring that crop protection products are…
November 10, 2022

Collecting and recycling for resilience

The crop protection industry is making commitments to collect 75 per cent of plastic pesticide…
October 20, 2022

The Latest Information on Pesticide Use Best Practice

An Interview with Bulgarian farmer Alexander Dimitrov Pashov Protecting people and the environment is a…
October 11, 2022

Promoting Personal Protective Equipment use in Romania: Interview with Ionuț Țabără

As part of CropLife Europe’s 2030 Commitments, one of which is to contribute to the…
October 10, 2022

Trainings for the future of agriculture

More than 112,000 training sessions for European farmers have been carried out in the first…
October 5, 2022

CropLife Europe welcomes the European Parliament’s adoption of their position on statistics of agricultural inputs and outputs

CropLife Europe welcomes the European Parliament's adoption of their position on the Commission proposal for…
September 20, 2022

Let’s Talk About Pesticide Residues

By Anika Gatt Seretny, Senior Communications Manager at Croplife Europe. This article was originally published…
September 2, 2022

When Science is Distrusted

By Priscila Quaini Jacobitz, Government Affairs Manager at CropLife Europe. This article was originally published…
September 2, 2022

Bystander Resident Orchard Vineyard (BROV) drift report and its commentary note

As part of the CropLife Europe (CLE) BROV (Bystander Resident Orchard Vineyard) research programme, 16 GLP studies…
September 1, 2022

Sustainable Use of Pesticides Regulation Opens Door to Huge Possibility

By Emma Brown, Director of Public Affairs at CropLife Europe. This article was originally published…
August 31, 2022

CropLife Europe reaction to new rules on the approval of micro-organisms for use as active substances in plant protection products

Today, the European Commission announced new rules to facilitate the approval of micro-organisms for use…
July 1, 2022

CropLife Europe welcomes Alexandra Brand as the new Leader of the Board of Directors 

The General Assembly of CropLife Europe appointed Alexandra Brand as the new Chair of its…
June 24, 2022

Anika Gatt Seretny, CropLife Europe: “Mandatory reduction targets are not realistic”

This article was originally published in Investigate Europe. For some in the farming industry, the…
June 23, 2022

Let’s talk about the transition, not just the targets

By Olivier de Matos, Director General of CropLife Europe. This opinion was originally published in…
April 25, 2022

CropLife Europe has a new Director of Public Affairs

Emma Brown joins the team Emma joins CropLife Europe from Red Flag where for the…
NewsPublic Statements
April 12, 2022

CropLife Europe supports the Food & Agriculture Resilience Mission (FARM) Initiative

CropLife Europe is ready to help with sustainable solutions.
March 23, 2022

Protecting crops, reducing bystander exposure

We know that our products protect plants and maintain a safe food supply, but how…
March 6, 2022

CLEs response to an article published in Le Monde, “Pesticides: the grand illusion of farmers’ protective equipment.”

It is important to remember that Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as "PPE", is…
January 27, 2022

Farm to Fork Strategy: how to reach the targets?

Joint statement from Brussels agri-food chain associations on achieving the ambitious Farm to Fork goals…
December 14, 2021

2021: A pivotal year for CropLife Europe

As 2021 draws to a close, it is only natural to look back over the…
November 26, 2021

Why the EU needs evidence-based sustainable food systems

The European Union’s climate policies are rightly aimed at reducing our carbon footprint across all…
November 24, 2021

Joint Statement On Enforcement Of EU Chemical Legislation

Enforcement of EU chemicals safety and environmental legislation will play a central role in implementing…
November 12, 2021

UPL Europe joins growing support for easyconnect Closed Transfer System

UPL Europe has joined the easyconnect Working Group (ECWG) committed to bring the easyconnect Closed…
October 1, 2021

Croplife Europe has a new DG

Olivier de Matos is the new Director General of Croplife Europe.    Olivier comes to…
July 21, 2021

How we contribute to the fight in stopping counterfeit and illegal pesticides

Counterfeit and illegal pesticides are a danger to farmers health, their crops and the environment.  Therefore,…
July 6, 2021

What we need to do to stop illegal and counterfeit pesticides from being sold

Pesticides, like all high value and branded products, are targeted by criminals producing counterfeits. It…
July 2, 2021

Croplife Europe signs the Code of Conduct for responsible food business and marketing practices

The EU Code of Conduct for Responsible Business and Marketing Practices is one of the…
June 30, 2021

Stop counterfeit and illegal pesticides

Stop counterfeit and illegal pesticides. Pesticides, like all high value and branded products, are targeted…
May 11, 2021

Is Integrated Pest management holistic?

We hear the word ‘holistic’ a lot lately. Holistic medicine. Holistic lifestyles. Holistic healing.  Farming,…
April 16, 2021

What is IPM?

Integrated Pest Management, or IPM as it is commonly referred to, is a system for managing pests that aims to be…
March 26, 2021

FAQ on Transparency Regulation

We have prepared an FAQ on Transparency Regulation. Have a look and see if you…
March 10, 2021

Earning Public Trust

Talking about pesticides, or GMO products, is not an easy task. The debate is heavily…
November 27, 2020

Talking about pesticides

Talking about pesticides has never been an easy task. The debate is so heavily polarised.…
August 5, 2020

Bystander Resident Orchard Vineyard (BROV) Re-entry Project Report

The objective of the ECPA BROV re-entry project has been to establish EU TC values…
April 28, 2020

Hero Ingredient – The potato

ECPA and CropLife International have teamed up with YouTube channel SORTEDfood to explore the story…
April 26, 2020

#FarmersDontStop and we cannot stop

The Covid-19 is unprecedented and is dramatically affecting many of us.
February 17, 2020

Talking about pesticides

Why are we using them?
July 23, 2019

Let’s Cook! with MEP Julie Girling: EU food production, policy and regulation

The third and final episode of this series of Let’s Cook! was filmed in January…
February 7, 2019

Let’s Cook! returns: a look at (mis)perceptions of food production, nutrition and food safety

The latest episode of ECPA’s own cooking show invites food safety and nutrition consultant Barbara…
January 17, 2019

ECPA’s recent dialogue video highlights Integrated Pest Management

Have you considered what the future might look like with and without pesticides? Check out…
January 16, 2019

Integrated Pest Management: How it Works and Why it is Important

Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, is a process or system that uses a variety of…
August 31, 2018

ECPA is a sponsor of the AgChem and Technology Congress in London

ECPA is a sponsor of this years AgChem & Technology Europe Congress with active participation…
August 30, 2018

Let’s Cook!

ECPA releases a new web-based series focused on food production issues
April 23, 2018

Code of Conduct on agricultural data sharing signing

Sharing agricultural data is vital for reaping the full benefits of digitally enhanced farming. Follow…
October 11, 2017

Celzin Aedin: The care and feeding of a farm

Speaking amidst a field of sunflowers near the Black Sea coast in Romania, third-generation farmer…
September 18, 2017

José Palha: Farming for the Future

Portuguese farmer José Palha is the antithesis of a technophobe. While one eye is sharply…
September 13, 2017

Dennis Binder: Always one step ahead

Danish farmer Dennis Binder knows the importance of staying one step ahead. For 20 years…
July 17, 2017

Pedro Maestre-Leon: Conservation Farmer

Sitting in the shade of his farmhouse, out of the heat of the southern Spanish…
June 19, 2017

The Back Story: Olives in Greece

EU production of olive oil is nothing we should take for granted. Southern Mediterraneans certainly…
May 15, 2017

The Back Story: Tomatoes in Spain

Tomatoes don’t grow without a little bit of help. All farmers must protect their crops.…
April 27, 2017

Marcus Holtkötter: “I think in terms of generations”

Five-hundred years of knowledge passed on from father to son by his ancestors surely makes…
April 12, 2017

Michal Kostrzewa: Pleasures and pain of modern farming

Michal Kostrzewa loves getting up in the morning. His pleasure: looking out at the fields…
April 11, 2017

The Back Story: Hazelnuts in Turkey

For the past eight years, Sadullah Durusu has been following in the footsteps of his…
April 6, 2017

With or without fruit salad?

We’re not the only ones who want to eat our food; we compete with an…
April 6, 2017

With or without pasta?

We’re not the only ones who want to eat our food; we compete with an…
March 30, 2017

Ole Christiansen: Farming with his hands tied

Danish farmer Ole Christiansen knows his land, and he knows his crops. And he knows…
March 27, 2017

With or without green salad?

We’re not the only ones who want to eat our food; we compete with an…
March 24, 2017

Letter to the Editor, POLITICO, 24th March 2017

Our thoughts on the POLITICO article: "Attack of the Bee Killers"