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CLEs response to an article published in Le Monde, “Pesticides: the grand illusion of farmers’ protective equipment.”

It is important to remember that Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as “PPE”, is worn to minimize exposure to hazards encountered in a workplace. Personal protective equipment has improved in the recent years. PPE in relation to handling pesticides and biopesticides may include items such as gloves, protective coveralls, face shields, googles and respiratory protective equipment.

Our industry is committed to the safe and correct use of products. We work with farmers, operators and advisors on how best to manage and protect crops with minimal impact on the environment whilst ensuring the safety of the people who use plant protection products.

To this end, our industry provides operators with training and easy-to-understand guidance on the importance of PPE and the need to follow the relevant norms for protective clothing. As part of 2030 commitments and as a contribution to the overall goals of the Sustainable Use Directive, we are also providing training on the implementation of Integrated Pest Management, water protection and the collection of empty containers.

More details on our Industry position regarding PPE are available in the statement below available for download.’