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CropLife Europe Joins EU Pact for Skills  

CropLife Europe is proud to announce its membership in the Pact for Skills, an initiative by the European Commission. Our goal is to support public and private organizations in upskilling and reskilling, enabling them to thrive in the green and digital transitions. 

By joining the Pact for Skills, CropLife Europe is reaffirming its commitment to provide sustainable crop protection solutions to farmers across Europe. We understand the importance of comprehensive training on new technologies and responsible practices. Our aim is to empower agricultural professionals to effectively manage crops with minimal environmental impact and maximum protection for their yields. 

 “As a member of the Pact for Skills, CropLife Europe is driving positive change in the agriculture sector,” said Olivier de Matos, Director General at CropLife Europe. “We are dedicated to training farmers on best practices, promoting responsible use of sustainable crop protection solutions, and adopting innovative technologies for a more sustainable future.” 

 Our training initiatives align with our broader 2030 commitments to protecting people and the environment. These commitments include training 1 million farmers, advisors, and multipliers on best practices for Integrated Pest Management, operator safety, and water and environment protection. We also strive to make technologies like Closed Transfer Systems (CTS) available to 100% of European farmers and operators. 

 CropLife Europe is excited to collaborate within the Pact for Skills framework, leveraging our expertise and resources to contribute to the ambitious goals of the European Skills Agenda and the broader objectives of the European Union. 

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