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Public Statements

CropLife Europe’s comment on Public Eye’s report on the export of pesticides

On 1st of December Unearthed and Public Eye published a report on the export of pesticides not authorised in the EU.

Reacting to the results, Anika Gatt Seretny, Senior Communications Manager of CropLife Europe, said: Chemicals are exported for good reasons. Some pesticides are not authorised for use in the EU but are registered in other countries. They have important uses elsewhere in the world. They are not automatically “more hazardous” or “less desirable” as a result. Exports of these products have to be reported to regulators under EU law. We support this reporting requirement, and we are glad that it is properly enforced. Notably, a significant proportion of the affected exports go to OECD member states (USA, Canada or Japan). These countries have robust approval procedures, although they differ from those in the EU.