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ECPA Residues Workshop – Current & Future Challenges – Brussels 17-18.10.2016

With important challenges in the European regulatory framework for the setting of Maximum Residue Levels, this workshop brought together key players with a stake in the implementation of the legislation, to promote a better understanding of the main challenges and to consider how these challenges can be efficiently managed.

The presenters and participants included regulators (from the European Commission, EFSA and Member State authorities) and stakeholders – from the crop protection industry, the European food chain as well as third country producers and exporters to the European Union.

The workshop looked at the current and future challenges linked to Regulation 396/2005 – reviewed the progress made and issues that still require resolution. Technical and scientific challenges were also be discussed – as were global developments linked to the setting of residue levels in food.

2016 is expected to see the start of a process to review the functioning of Regulation 396/2005 – and how this fits with the EU’s framework for the authorisation of pesticide, under Regulation 1107/2009. The workshop therefore provided opportunity to consider options for the future and the opportunity for Better Regulation to provide a streamlined regulatory framework that ensures food safety and provides clear trading standards for food and feed.