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Counterfeit and illegal pesticides could pose
significant risk for farmers and the environment

Counterfeit and illegal pesticides and biopesticides can pose severe health risks to the farmers who handle and use them. Unknown ingredients can damage or completely destroy the treated crop or the whole farm, thus compromising farmer livelihood.

What is the risk?

Only legal biopesticides & pesticides are produced by conscientious, approved, regulated producers who conduct stewardship activities such as training farmers on the proper use of plant protection products. 

Only the use of authentic, approved pesticides & biopesticides assures full compliance and appropriate use.

If the farmer does not know the contents of the substances and how to use them, this can have detrimental effect on the soil health. mean the farmer may have to use other means to control the weeds e.g tillage etc which in turn increases the fuel consumption, GHG or have to use more product.

Only legitimate manufacturers take care of their products & packaging from the beginning right though to product recovery and recycling. 

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