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Bystander Resident Orchard Vineyard (BROV) Re-entry Project Report


The EFSA guidance document on non-dietary exposure 1 identified a key need for additional data on transfer coefficients (TCs) and dislodgeable foliar residue (DFR) values to produce more realistic exposure assessments for situations in which workers re-enter treated crops. For grapes in particular, there is currently a lack of TC information and, in the absence of European data, the EFSA guidance recommends the use of US TC values (which are incomplete and lacking in transparency). CropLife Europe (The European Crop Protection Association ECPA) has identified that this data gap may result in the failure of EU registrations for crop protection products for grapes. The BROV re-entry project aims to establish (and to propose to EFSA) a set of European TC values for regulatory use in worker re-entry exposure assessments for relevant activities in vineyards.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Hugh Dawick, Alan MacDonald, Jenny Chan, Michelle Stevens, Katharine Childs, Jessica Saint-Mart and Paul Hamey.