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Compounded conservatism in European re-entry worker risk assessment of pesticides

We review the risk parameters and drivers in the current European Union (EU) worker risk assessment for pesticides, for example considering crop maintenance, crop inspection or harvesting activities, and show that the current approach is very conservative due to multiple worst-case default assumptions.

Felix M. Kluxen (a), *, Edgars Felkers (a), Jenny Baumann (b), Neil Morgan (c), Christiane Wiemann (d), Franz Stauber (e), Christian Strupp (f), Sarah Adham (g), Christian J. Kuster (b)

(a) ADAMA Deutschland GmbH, Cologne, Germany
(b) Bayer AG, Crop Science Division, Monheim, Germany
(c) Syngenta, Bracknell, United Kingdom
(d) BASF Oesterreich GmbH, Agricultural Solutions, Vienna, Austria e BASF SE, Agricultural Solutions, Ludwigshafen, Germany
(f) Gowan Crop Protection, Reading, United Kingdom
(g) Corteva Agriscience, Abingdon, United Kingdom