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Position paper Maximum Residues Levels and Global Environmental Concerns


1. Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) for pesticides are trading standards that drive good
agricultural practice and ensure a level playing field for EU and other farmers. They are not an appropriate tool to be used to tackle environmental challenges in other countries.

2. Fair market access is needed to support sustainable agriculture in countries we rely on for goods like coffee, exotic fruits and cocoa, and which rely on the EU market to help in sustainable development. Different regions have different needs. Some pesticides not registered in the EU may be necessary in non-EU countries.

3. We support the EU Green Deal ambition to tackle environmental challenges, but think multilateral fora, not non-tariff barriers are the correct way to achieve this. We are concerned that the evolving EU policy on MRLs is likely to be contrary to both EU law and international rules. This may create trade disruptions, legal disputes, and reciprocal market access measures from other countries. This could impact EU exports, agricultural development around the world, and EU consumer choice (and prices).