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SWAN – Surface Water Assessment eNabler

What is SWAN?

The ‘Surface Water Assessment eNabler’ (SWAN) is a software tool to assist in assessing the environmental impact of new crop protection applications

What does it do?

The system allows the user to incorporate mitigation measures for spray drift and run-off of pesticides into FOCUS Surface Water Step 4 calculations in a documented, simple to use and reproducible manner.

What does the latest version bring?

SWAN 5 has been updated to operate with the newly released version of TOXSWA to allow Step 4 mitigation to be applied to FOCUS Surface Water assessments and is required due to changes to the TOXSWA file formats.  SWAN 5 will also work with the earlier version of TOXSWA so there is no need to maintain both versions on a single machine.

SWAN is developed by Hybrid Intelligence, part of Capgemini Engineering (formerly known as “Tessella”) with sponsorship from CropLife Europe.  It can be downloaded from the FOCUS DG SANTE section of the European Commission Joint Research Centre website at