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Public Statements

Closed Transfer System pilot programmes now operating in four European countries

CropLife Europe is on track to make CTS available to 100% of European farmers by 2030

As part of a set of commitments announced in 2020, CropLife Europe reports that four European countries already have Closed Transfer System (CTS) pilot programmes in place. It shows promise for the uptake for technology that protects farmers as well as the environment also reflects the demand for a CTS that is compatible with a broad range of products, regardless of container size and manufacturer. 

The CTS action is just one way CropLife Europe is demonstrating a commitment to a future of resilient and sustainable agriculture, and to align with the ambitions of the European Green Deal. The industry’s intention is as follows: To further reduce operators’ exposure, make technologies such as Closed Transfer Systems (CTS) available to 100% of European farmers and operators by 2030.

“Our industry is actively engaged and focused on reaching our Commitments, and my appreciation goes out to our members,” said Olivier de Matos, Director General of CropLife Europe. “By setting challenging goals and reporting against them, we are demonstrating our commitment to resilient and sustainable farming.”

Closed Transfer Systems (CTS) add an additional safety margin for operators, and for the environment. When used as directed, the technology significantly reduces the likelihood of a potential unintentional contact between the operator, the environment and liquid crop protection products. When filling a sprayer, by allowing the product to pass directly from the original container into the spray tank, it makes it unnecessary for the farmer/operator to pour the product into an open induction hopper. This avoids unintentional contact through splashes and spillages right from the start.