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CropLife Europe comment on the exchange of views with the Commission on ECJ judgement C-162/21 on derogations from express bans 

On the 6th of March European Parliament had an exchange of views with the European Commission on the recent European Court of Justice judgement on  derogations from express bans on the marketing and use of seeds treated with plant protection products containing neonicotinoids

CropLife Europe’s response on the matter:

“The Court’s ruling clarifies when emergency authorizations may be granted by Member States. The Court focused its deliberations on seeds treated with expressly banned substances. The judgement applies only to the use of seeds where Article 49 of Regulation 1107/2019 provides particular regulatory provisions regarding the use of seeds. The Court of Justice of the EU based its judgement regarding two neonics, clothianidin and thiamethoxam, on the fact that the use of the seeds treated with these seeds was expressly restricted by a Commission implementing regulation.”