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CropLife Europe comments on its submission to the public consultation on prohibiting production for export of chemicals banned in the EU

CropLife Europe supports the ambitious commitment of the European Commission and its Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) to protect human health and the environment. As an innovative industry that supports farmers progress towards a more sustainable EU food production, we are dedicated to increasing the sustainability of our solutions. The CSS sets out to achieve a big transformation the EU will see under the Green Deal. We recognise the Commission’s underlying concern that certain substances banned for use as pesticides in Europe are exported to other parts of the world. 

Many of the substances which would be captured by such a ban are exported to fulfil important and specific needs of farmers in other parts of the world. By strengthening the PIC regulation, the EU can promote safe use of pesticides. If we simply implement a ban, the EU loses a valuable opportunity to encourage higher standards and transparency of chemical management outside the EU. This unilateral move would inadvertently have a huge impact on growers across the world.”

Here our position submitted to the Commission as part of the consultation period.