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Public Statements

Democracy for Sale: Why we declined to accept the award

ECPA was selected by Corporate Europe Observatory for a ‘Democracy for Sale’ award – we declined to accept the award, here’s our reply to the organiser. — Dear Ms Sawatzki Democracy for Sale Awards Thank you for your email of 1st November informing me that ECPA is to be the recipient of your award. It is unlikely to come as a surprise to you, but we decline to accept the award, not least because your definition of democracy is at odds with the widely accepted notion that everyone should be treated equally and has equal rights. Whilst we cannot accept the award, I do hope Corporate Europe Observatory will make good use of the donation we have made to them. We trust this will go some way to reimbursing the cost of the award, and that it will also contribute to efforts to combat real problems with the EU decision making process rather than peddling fabricated stories of power and influence. Your clichéd sensationalism is of no value to the causes you champion – the civil society you claim to represent deserves better. We don’t pretend there are no concerns voiced about pesticides. The term pesticides has unfortunately taken on a negative connotation. This negative connotation gives a bad name to products that exist for fundamentally good, and evidently practical reasons, and bring real benefits to society. Our sector invests every day in providing farmers with the tools that they need to put safe, sufficient and affordable food on the plates of Europe’s 500 million consumers. We don’t argue against regulation – we argue for clear and consistent regulation, shaped by science and evidence, not fear and prejudice. Yours sincerely Graeme Taylor Director of Public Affairs — Download the letter (pdf) here.