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ECPA at Congress of European Farmers 2014

ECPA is proud to have been a partner of the 2014 Congress of European Farmers, organised by Copa-Cogeca in Brussels on 6-7 October. The event brought together farmers, agricultural cooperatives and other farming stakeholders from across Europe to interact with key EU policymakers in addressing challenges and opportunities facing the sector.The theme of the Congress 2014 was: “The new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 2014-2020 and Family Farming: growth and employment for EU rural areas”. Discussion focused on the new CAP and how it can benefit family farms and agri-cooperatives, rural development, growth and jobs. The importance of research and innovation were also major topics.“Today’s farmers need innovative solutions to fight the pests and diseases that threaten their crops and their livelihood every day,” said ECPA Director General Jean-Charles Bocquet, who spoke at the Congress. “Our industry provides those solutions, and we help farmers to produce healthy, high-quality, affordable food for Europe’s tables, while also safeguarding health and the environment and delivering economic and social benefits. We believe a smarter and better EU regulatory framework that fosters innovation will allow Europe to remain competitive and continue to be a world leader in sustainable, productive agriculture.”For more information on the Congress of European Farmers, click here: