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Public Statements

ECPA welcomes Andreas Thierfelder as Director of Stewardship and Sustainability

Andreas previously worked for one of ECPA’s member companies, Nufarm, as Head of Product Stewardship and Food Chain Management Europe. Prior to that he led Public and Government Affairs at Monsanto where he was also responsible for farmer outreach programs and technical communications. His ability to combine communications and technical knowledge, on the subject of food and best practices in farming, fits perfectly with ECPA and its work on stewardship.ECPA drives a number of stewardship projects aimed at promoting the safe and sustainable use of pesticides. Andreas will bring a renewed emphasis to communicating the vital work we do in this area. Andreas holds a Doctoral Degree in Plant Breeding and a Master of Agricultural Sciences from Justus-Liebig University, Germany. In his free time he plays the trumpet in a brass band.