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#FarmersDontStop and we cannot stop

The Covid-19 is unprecedented and is dramatically affecting many of us. We all suffer the consequences from a personal as well as from a professional standpoint. This is the moment to give the best of ourselves and to show solidarity in all the possible manners. At ECPA, we are extremely grateful for the efforts of those working tirelessly in the healthcare sector to protect our global population and our community also wanted to contribute to those efforts. Across Europe our national associations have donated masks, huge batches of disinfectants and personal protective equipment. Our members have also contributed financially with donations to the most effected regions in Europe, but also to the ones ensuring our food security.We applaud farmers who are on the frontline of this crisis, struggling to produce and distribute food to a confined population. Our sector is active in providing farmers with solutions to protect their crops but we also want to provide meaningful help in overcoming the crisis with our products and our expertise. All employees whether from their homes, in the labs or on the manufacturing floors are doing just that.We stand in this together!The coronavirus presents the world with major challenges.Farmers are on the frontline of keeping the health crisis from turning into a hunger crisis. Our sector is working hard to continue providing farmers with essential tools in protecting their crops from pests and diseases to maintain a stable and safe food supply. This is not a challenge anyone will overcome alone, and we stand ready to cooperate and assist in any way needed to ensure food security does not further increase this challenge. In the present situation, farmers cannot afford to stay at home. All around the world, they continue to farm and harvest their land to ensure that the supply of healthy and environmentally friendly crops remains strong and reliable. They are also heroes. Our industry is proud to play an essential part in supporting them.