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Introducing AgriGuide: A new era for sustainable agriculture in the EU

In the ever-changing landscape of agriculture, farmers often grapple with intricate regulations and the need for supreme efficiency. To help EU farmers mitigate these challenges, we are excited to present AgriGuide – a groundbreaking digital tool for farmers, sponsored by CropLife Europe.

AgriGuide will help farmers navigate the labyrinth of regulations, offering reliable information that streamlines administrative tasks, lessens the risk of non-compliance, and supports efforts to protect both farmers’ safety and the environment. But our tool does more than just simplify – it empowers farmers to focus on what truly matters: optimising sustainable crop growth in line with integrated pest management principles.

How does it work?

In line with Regulation 2023/564, AgriGuide promotes real time data collection for digital record keeping, paving the way towards more realistic risk assessments.

Launching in Quarter 2 of 2024, this innovative tool is set to revolutionise EU farmers’ ability to collect  on-field data of their pesticide and biopesticide usage. Farmers will have unparalleled access to a centralised database, allowing them to input their usage data and track their progress over time. This digitalisation process will result in more accurate, detailed and up-to-date records, reducing the potential for errors and ensuring compliance with EU regulations. The data is collected and owned by the farmer.

Partnering for success

AgriGuide is the result of a collaborative effort between CropLife Europe and other key players in the agriculture industry. By working together, we can ensure that our tool is constantly evolving and adapting to meet the needs of farmers in an ever-changing regulatory environment.