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CropLife Europe proudly becomes a signatory to the Antwerp declaration

CropLife Europe, the leading advocate for Europe’s crop protection sector, announced today its official endorsement of the Antwerp Declaration.  

CropLife Europe’s Director General, Olivier de Matos, highlighted the significance of supporting such an initiative: “It’s an excellent ambition which places competitiveness and innovation at the forefront of tomorrow’s discussions.” 

In today’s rapidly changing world, it is crucial for industries to stay ahead of the curve and constantly innovate in order to remain competitive. The agricultural sector is no exception, facing challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity, and increasing demand for food production. 

“As a sector rooted in science and technological innovation, we are committed to this action, and we stand ready to do our part in providing the necessary tools for a sustainable and competitive European agriculture.”  De Matos continued. 

Amid the agricultural crisis in Europe, farmers face an uphill battle. In addition to producing healthy, affordable food, they must also improve environmental sustainability and ensure a livelihood for themselves and their workers.  

As new pests emerge and resources dwindle, the task grows harder. The struggle to ensure agricultural entrepreneurship, high quality jobs and for the Green Deal to be correctly implemented .  

Our mission? To pave the way for innovative solutions; solutions that will address these issues and deliver economic, environmental and social benefits. But we face a challenge of our own: getting our solutions onto the market and into the hands of those who need them the most – our farmers.  

This is where Antwerp Declarations makes a clear plea about creating a harmonious and enabling environment, encouraging innovation and competitiveness. 

By working together with all stakeholders, we can pave the way for a brighter future for European agriculture.