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Joint Statement on the EC Initiative: Boosting Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing in the EU

The European Commission Initiative Boosting Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing in the EU is welcomed by Industry associations and organisations working to innovate, apply and scale biotechnology and biomanufacturing within multiple sectors.

Action for biotechnology and biomanufacturing is of critical importance across industrial and research ecosystems as they respond to future needs. It is integral to the EU’s strategic objectives, strengthening a globally competitive and resilient economy through industrial innovation, and is a key contributor to the sustainability transition, health security and economic growth.

The Initiative is a positive starting point for greater ambition and implementation for biotechnology and biomanufacturing as a recognised critical technology for economic security, whilst positioning the EU as a global innovation actor. It reflects the universal applications of biotechnology and its role as an enabler for industrial and societal transition. The Initiative also recognises challenges and barriers, including the need for a level-playing field for market entry and demand, plus protection and incentivisation for innovation.

Whilst we welcome a potential future EU Biotech Act, ambitious and urgent actions are needed today to address bottlenecks that currently hinder investment into innovation, scale up and commercialisation. These immediate actions for biotechnology and biomanufacturing include:

(i) streamline and align regulatory pathways

(ii) ensure access to feedstocks for biomanufacturing

(iii) reflect financing of innovation and scale up, including within EU taxonomy

(iv) improve public understanding and recognition of biotech within a strong future Europe

We urge the incoming European Commission to ensure legislative and financial commitments for this Initiative. Implementation should be driven by a multi-Directorate approach with high-level leadership and consistency of policy approach. We also call for EU Member States to take ownership of the Initiative at national level and align actions, and for the European Parliament to reflect

Initiative outcomes within legislative action. We affirm our commitment to work in partnership with policymakers and all stakeholders to ensure the EU delivers on its objectives, with ambition for global competitiveness and leadership in biotechnology and biomanufacturing.

For the full list of signatories please click here FINAL 2 – Joint Statement on the EC Initiative Boosting Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing in the EU