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Farming with AgriGuide

At CropLife Europe, we understand the challenges that farmers face on a daily basis. With increasingly complex and changing regulations, obtaining accurate and reliable information is paramount for farmers to comply with all safety and environmental protection requirements. This is where AgriGuide comes in – an innovative digital platform that unlocks the power of digital farming.

AgriGuide as a Farming GPS

The digitisation of labels has become a necessity to enable immediate access to approved recommendations and safety information, as well as to reduce waste and environmental cost of relabelling. Much like a GPS alerting drivers when exceeding speed limits, AgriGuide will serve as a digital navigator for farmers, generating guidance for the application of pesticides and biopesticides according to the digital label while considering the geolocation and conditions of a grower’s field.

The way it works is that a farmer would scan the label of the product and be informed of the IPM protocol, after which it registers and aggregates the application protocol based on field specific data. This way, on-field operations are  easily documented and farmers can keep track of their actions.

Piloting AgriGuide

We are initiating our journey with a testing phase in three countries – Germany, Italy, and Romania. Our goal is to successfully roll out AgriGuide to all 27 EU countries in the coming years.

AgriGuide’s vision holds immense value for all, offering a simplified yet resourceful way for farmers to adapt to the complexities of their profession.

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