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Pesticides and biopesticides, like all high-value products,
are targeted by criminals producing counterfeits.

It has become a very lucrative business, generating over €1billion a year in Europe, and amounting to an estimated 9-14% of the European market.

The contents of counterfeit or illegal pesticides and biopesticides are not known. These products have not been evaluated under the EU rules governing plant protection products.


Estimated Share in the European Market

The use of counterfeit and illegal pesticides can pose very real risks to farmers, consumers, the environment and the health of crops.

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The Significant Risk of Counterfeit and Illegal Pesticides
Undermining the Goals of the Green Deal and Farm 2 Fork
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Did you know?

Did you know?

Did you know?

Frequently asked questions

What are counterfeit and illegal pesticides & biopesticides?

How are counterfeit and illegal products marketed?

What is the current level of trade of illegal & counterfeit pesticides?

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