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Protecting farmers and crops

SUI, the Safe and Sustainable Use Initiative is a program designed to provide farmers and operators with an easy to use toolbox to successfully increase crop protection user and environment safety by sharing best practices with farmers and providing them with some functional and practical solutions when handling pesticides.This initiative is a Pan-European coordinated effort with a strong local approach taking into account local conditions, circumstances and national laws and requirements. Today in each of the 17 countries the project is coordinated in partnership.“In fact the very success of this initiative relies on partnership with other stakeholders, local authorities and the government. The objective is to find common ground on the sustainable use of the industry’s products and arrive at solutions that are economically, environmentally and socially acceptable to all. And we can see that the approach is working as in many countries we could see that the educational and training materials developed under the SUI brand have been endorsed as official training materials by other institutions including the government.–” – commented Jean-Charles Bocquet, Director General of ECPA.In Croatia, where the 13th Annual SUI conference is taking place, we saw the project’s materials being endorsed by the Ministry of Agriculture. “CROCPA materials on their phytosanitary portal with the recommendation to all training institutions in Croatia to use those materials in the official training – Irena Brajevic commented, Director of Croatian Crop Protection Association CROCPA.“It’s a model that works. Knowledge transfer is key in sharing best practices “– Jean-Charles Bocquet concluded