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Bystander Resident Orchard Vineyard (BROV) drift report and its commentary note

As part of the CropLife Europe (CLE) BROV (Bystander Resident Orchard Vineyard) research programme, 16 GLP studies were carried out in orchards and vineyards in four European countries to measure incidental spray drift exposure for bystanders and residents in the vicinity of such crops. This produced a large body of data and CLE invited the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to carry out an independent evaluation of these data and produce a project report. Prior and during the evaluation, additional discussions took place with other independent organisations (BVL, TNO, JKI and SSAU) and with Industry experts and EFSA participated as an observer.

Please find the UK HSE report available for download here

Please find CropLife Europe (CLE) Occupational and Bystander Exposure Technical Sub-Group (OBETSG) comments on the BROV drift report1 prepared by UK HSE available for download here