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CropLife Europe’s submission to the Strategic Dialogue on the future of agriculture

As the next meeting of the Strategic Dialogue on the future of agriculture is a few weeks away, CropLife Europe seized the opportunity to contribute through the consultative process offered by the European Commission to several organisations not invited to join the meetings.

CropLife Europe recognises the Strategic Dialogue as a crucial platform to evaluate and discuss the significant role the agricultural sector plays in strengthening the resilience of a food system that equally values people, planet, and progress.

CropLife Europe Director General, Olivier de Matos commented, “The future of agriculture is deeply connected in its competitiveness and uptake of innovation. With public private partnerships, we can together ensure that farmers have access to a diverse toolbox of innovative tools to help them continue to transition to a sustainable and resilient agriculture.”

Our sector is part of the solution. Simultaneously, it is essential EU policy-makers facilitate access to a full toolbox, adequate financial support and knowledge transfer as well as ensuring a future-oriented regulatory environment.

The Strategic Dialogue on the future of agriculture is not just a conversation – it’s a clear call for collaborative action, and we are more than ready to answer. We, as an organisation, stand ready and willing to continue to contribute as much as possible to these discussions.

Strategic Dialogue on the Future of Agriculture in the European Union – Consultation – CropLife Europe Submission – Final 3 April