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CropLife Europe statement on Nature Restoration Law

CropLife Europe remains committed to supporting the Green Deal objectives.

Farmers are the backbone of Europe and play a pivotal role in putting food on our plates. Access and availability to food supplies have been in jeopardy across the world for some time. The population growth, shrinking farmland, observed climate changes (increased temperature and pest pressure) and trade barriers are turning up the heat.  

We need to adapt and look for innovative solutions to address these current challenges.

We believe the Sustainable Use Regulation is an opportunity to further support farmers in the transition to more resilient and sustainable farming, yet the proposal presented in June 2022 does not fully embrace the new technologies that could foster the transformation in the time set. 

Initiatives like the SUR, Nature Restoration Law or New Genomic Techniques need to be embrace the current reality, ensure we appreciate the progress that has been made so far and facilitate the transition required (so nobody is left behind).

We need a toolbox of regulatory policy solutions that reflect the innovative toolbox of solutions.

We are focused on providing effective toolbox of solutions for farmers in the field and beyond. Rapid access to farming innovation such as digital and precision agriculture, new generation pesticides, novel biopesticides, new genomic techniques will not only help drive the transition to sustainable agriculture but it can support Europe’s goal of more resilient food systems. 

This should be a central part of any text which could affect food production moving forward.