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Let’s Cook!

BRUSSELS, 30 August 2018 – A new three-part video series from the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) brings food experts and agricultural influencers into a Brussels test-kitchen where they discuss the challenges of modern farming while preparing a meal. Let’s Cook! is hosted by former Masterchef contestant and ECPA Director of Public Affairs Graeme Taylor. With the help of special guests, the series explores the perceptions and misconceptions surrounding food production. The consumer-friendly videos are designed for release and sharing via social media channels. The first episode features Will Evans – host of the podcast Rock and Roll Farming. While preparing ingredients, Will explains “There are a million things that want to kill my crops; the more options we have to fight against them, the more safe and affordable food we can grow.” Let’s Cook! is part of a wider ECPA campaign to engage with the issues surrounding crop production, inviting consumers to consider a future with or without crop protection methods. Even with the use of safe pesticides, up to 40% of crops are destroyed by plant pests and diseases globally according to the EU. This figure could increase to 80% without their use. ECPA Director General Jean-Philippe Azoulay says “We want to have a dialogue about the ways in which we produce sufficient food and fibre to satisfy the demands of a growing population. We all expect food to be safe, affordable and nutritious. Our new series Let’s Cook! is part of an open discussion on the ways we can achieve this, and the role our sector in particular can play.” The next instalment of ECPA’s Let’s Cook! will be released in autumn 2018.