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Pesticide Residues Workshop – Brussels 26.01.2015

With a number of important challenges in implementing Regulation 396/2005, this workshop aims to bring together key players with a stake in the implementation of the EU’s legislative framework for pesticide residues. The key players include the Commission, EFSA and Member State authorities, as well as the crop protection industry, the European food chain as well as third country producers and exporters to the European Union.

A key aim of the workshop will be to review and discuss the current and future challenges linked to Regulation 396/2005 – the progress that has been made and the issues that still need to be resolved.Given the fact that a review of functioning of the Regulation is required in 2015, the workshop will also look at future needs to update the legislation – and the opportunities to build on and improve the current legislative framework.


Day 1 – Monday 26th January

16:00-18:45 hours

16:00 Registration
16:20 Chairman’s welcome – Rob Mason, Exponent
The role of residue monitoring
16:30 Latest on EU residue monitoring results – tbc, EFSA
16:50 ECPA’s Residue management project – Monika Roth, BASF
17:20 The compliance challenges for a major importer – Chris Downes, Federation of European Rice Millers
17:40 Meeting the EU’s residue compliance challenge (the legislative and secondary standards barriers) –

Paul Hardman, South African Citrus Growers Association

18:00 The residues challenge for the processing sectors – Nigel Thorgrimsson, Ardo (representing Profel)
18:20 Panel discussion (speakers and 1-2 MS authorities)
18:45 Close and cocktails
19:30 Conference Dinner

Day 2 – Monday 27th January

08:45-15:30 hours

08:45 Chairman’s welcome – Rob Mason, Exponent
Implementing the current legislation
08:50 Regulation 396/2005 – Current implementation challenges and future legislative changes – Almut Bitterhof, DG SANCO
09:15 EFSA’s role in MRL evaluations –Alba Brancato EFSA
  The experiences of Member States in the MRL evaluation process
09:40 Experiences with Article 12 evaluations – Claude Vergnet, France
10:05 Options to streamline the Article 12 procedure- Karsten Hohgardt, Germany
10:30 Crop protection industry’s experiences and suggestions for improvements – Peter Watson, Dow
10:50 Panel discussion (with food chain)
11:15 Coffee break
Some key challenges in the legislation
11:45 The need to provide processing factors – Julie Roiz, Fediol
12:05 The impact of Cumulative Risk Assessment – Frank Laporte, Bayer
12:25 The impact of amending the IESTI equation – Monika Bross, BASF
12:45 Import tolerances setting in EU (new substances and the link to EU cut-off criteria) – Euros Jones, ECPA
13:05 Panel discussion with additional participants from:


– Gloria Gabellini, COCERAL

– Gaston Funes, Argentinian Mission to the EU

13:15 Lunch
Future changes to the legislation
14:15 ECPA view on future regulatory changes – Otto Klein, Bayer
14:35 Member State view – what needs to be changed in the legislation – Russell Wedgbury, UK
14:55 Freshfel view on future legislative changes – Philippe Binard, Freshfel
15:15 Panel discussion
15:30 Conclusions and close